6 Tasty Ways to Add Pumpkin Seeds to Your Diet

      When it comes to foods that are good for you, pumpkin seeds are at the top of the list. A great source of manganese, zinc, vitamin E and fiber, your health will benefit when you eat them regularly. They also contain tryptophan which is a natural mood enhancer, leaving you happy as ...READ MORE

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How to Choose the Healthiest Bread

  When you’re standing at the supermarket in front of the many different varieties of bread and bread products (like English muffins and bagels), it can be overwhelming trying to pick the healthiest one. You can’t go based on color or the declaration of “wheat” on the label as neither one ensures that what is ...READ MORE

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Homemade Potato Wedges

    Recipe for potato homemade wedges Ingredients 3 kg Potatoes Oil 1/2 cup Salt Pepper Method Turn your oven on to 200 c then Chop all the potatoes in halves then into 1/3.  Keep your wedges thin so that they cook faster. Placing all the potatoes in a large baking tray, pour oil onto ...READ MORE

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3 Best Ways to Cut Calories

  Are you trying to lose weight and looking for the best ways to cut calories from your diet? Ways that don’t leave you so hungry that any food that comes within arm’s reach of you is in extreme danger of being devoured similar to an animal who has managed to catch its prey? Here ...READ MORE

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Vegetable Bean Burger Recipe

  This is a recipe for one of the worlds easiest and healthest burger. The prepration time is less than 5 minutes. This is faster with a food processor or hand blender. Nutritional information for burger recipe per 100g 22g Protein 103 Kcal Extra protein can be added, just add an egg into the mixture ...READ MORE

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Homemade Pizza is Best

Homemade pizza

Pizza has to be one of the easiest foods to prepare and make. All you have to do is prepare and create your toppings.

  • Ham glazed with Apricot  
  • Avocado, chicken and Oregano
  • Pesto, pine nut and sun-dried tomato 
  • Stilton and caramelized balsamic onion 

This recipe we used Salami, Spinach, pesto and gouda

Making the dough

Normally it takes 5 minutes to make the dough, rest for 30 minutes then 15...

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Vitamin E Rich Foods and Health Information

Vitamin E Health Information

Toasting Almonds

In today’s health spotlight vitamins C and D get all the glamour, but what about their distant cousin vitamin E? Fat soluble vitamin E is actually a group of eight different compounds called tocopherols that together contain an abundance of health benefits.

Arguably the greatest benefit of vitamin E is its potent antioxidant power. These antioxidants, provided by...

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Healthy Snacks for Athletes



Do you have a hard time deciding which snacks are the best for you when it comes to achieving optimal performance and top physical conditioning? Would you like to know which foods will help you be your best both in training and during your sport of choice?

There’s no doubt that what you eat can either help or hinder your athletic progress. The more nutritious the foods that you feed your body,...

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What is a Smoothie and Why Smoothies are so Great

Why Smoothies Are Great

Smoothies are great because they contain lots of minerals and vitamins. Vitamins in the
smoothies help in activating the enzymes in the body. The enzymes work to the desired
potential only due to the vitamins. For absorption, digestion and conversion of food,
enzymes are required. At the cellular level, energy is produced by the enzymes. In the
body many important...

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Diet Foods For Fitness and Health


You eat diet foods because you want to be healthy, right? But, what happens if it’s these low-
calorie low-fat foods that are actually the reason you’re not losing, or worse yet gaining, weight?

“Diet” Foods and Weight Gain

New research suggests that the very foods that are supposed to help you lose weight may actually
have the opposite effect. One study published in the Yale Journal of Biology...

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Thai Fish Cake Recipe

Thai Fish Cakes

  • 300g Fish cooked 
  • 3 White Onions finely diced 
  • 2 Garlic cloves Puree
  • 1 Ginger small knob Puree
  • 7 Potatoes peeled
  • 50ml Rice wine vinegar 
  • 1 tbs Fish sauce
  • 2 tbs Soy Sauce  
  • 2 Chillies seeded and chopped  
  • 1/4 Sesame seeds
  • 1 handful chopped Fresh Coriander



  1. Peel potatoes and place in boiling salted water, cook until soft
  2. Whilst potatoes are cooking, place a frying pan on...

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Pakora Vegetarian Recipe

Vegetable pakora recipe

First before making pakora you need a fryer with a lot of vegetable oil. You can use a large saucepan, but you have to be careful with the heat levels of the oil and levels. You can easily cause a fire when oil is to hot so always be aware when deep fat frying.

  • 4 whole onions – thinly sliced
  • 1 Courgette – grated
  • 3 large carrots – grated
  • 30g cumin
  • 40g gram...

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