Guide to resistance band training

Resistance band training is the next big thing in the world of fitness. Resistance bands offer a new flexible fitness future for everyone. You can wave goodbye to the expensive monthly memberships, you can save time and money with the band workout programs .Resistance bands and suspension bands are leading fitness to a new revolution, these bands can be transported anywhere. They're easy to store and deliver great results in all aspects of fitness, new training programs like p90x, rip 60, insanity and TRX  have a huge success rate with weightloss, muscle and strength growth. Door anchors are so easy to use and with turn any door frame into a home multi gym     These bands are fully adaptable and can be used into any fitness programs, they can help us target the all important areas of the body, making it easy to tone and train the fat spots we want remove. Training with these bands offers an increase in strength, range of movement and muscle. Physiotherapists use these bands like a chef uses a knife, this reason is simple. Because they don’t apply friction on the joints when exercising, the bands aren't like dumbbells, your exercise is more natural and controlled, no jerking or throwing. Weights machines and free weights, can be dangerous,  lifting with bands you can control the movement and don’t put any unnecessary pressure on the joints, therefor make resistance band training one of the safest type of fitness training. Their are so many types of resistance bands available,  upper body training, speed , plyometrics, balance, strength, yoga and pilates training. 11 piece set is awesome for total resistance, the amount of exercises you can complete with this band package is truly amazing, they also offer up to 150 lbs of resistance when used at the same time, over 30 different levels of resistance that's what make them great upper body strength training.


Check out the kinetic band set, this is aimed target the leg strength. Developing Kinetic fitness and improving plyometrics is essential for semi pro, amateur and professional athletes, most sports require high standard of balance, speed, agility, stamina and control, increasing these aspects of fitness can give you astonishing results. Pilates training have set were the resistance bands are made to fit in to specific training routines, figure 8 and circular band are made  for total body & stomach fitness, great  for toning lower body with legs and bum exercises.    



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