Best compound exercises with resistance band

Compound exercise not only strengthen your muscles, but also help your joints, ligaments and tendons. If you a fixated on getting a six pack look to use a range of techniques, resistance bands deliver great results fast. Incorporate the bands easily into your training routine will give you a combination of flexibility and strength during workouts. When training you want to get all the results you've been hard working for, this is were compound exercises can help  you develop faster with body toning, strength increase and muscular conditioning.


The reason for this is simple, compound exercises work more effectively than standard routines, they combined as many muscles as possible in each body movement,  in every exercise plan you need to focus on achieving the activation of as many of the body's muscles as possible.


Resistance band Olympic lifts- dead lifts -  are  great examples of how a resistance band can give you a total body compound exercise workout.


Another methods of training  that help you recruit as many muscle fibres as possible are lifting heavy loads, and using techniques such like negative training, one rep max, squats, press ups and chin ups.


Using different muscle systems is during your workout is a get way to increasing your hormone growth and testosterone levels by, always include lower and upper body exercises during training.



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