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In this video you we will show you how to exercise the hips and leg muscles using the kinetic leg bands for basic mobility exercises.  The video is a use of basic movements, we always have a warm up stage to prepare the muscles for each workout. It's import for the warm up to focus on the target area for the session this will reduce the risk of injuries, whilst increasing the muscles performance ability.     For more information on the resistance band set follow here  Fitness Health Training Focuses on Speed Increase Exercise with Training Equipment. 

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  Floor sprints are a great plyometric exercise that require high energy explosive movements.  This exercise is ideal for professional athletes who are looking to strengthening your lower body muscles and increase reaction and speed movements. The exercise will increase your fast twitch muscle fibres, which help increase speed and promote muscle growth. In the press up position both upper legs and core are incorporate in the movement.  Floor Sprint Exercise  1. Place yourself in press up position with your feet parallel facing forwards, shoulder width  apart  2. Keeping your left leg on the ground for support. Bring you right knee up to...

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Resistance band training with the fh11 exercise set. This is a exercise video for upper body exercise band training.  Resistance Band are multifunctional training tools that help strength muscles and build bone density. Resistance bands can be used in hundreds of different ways making them great exercise tools that can be highly effective for toning and strengthening body muscles in targeted specific areas. want an upper, lower or full body workout. 

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