Benefits of Using the Viper Harness for Speed Training


If you’re involved in sports or any other type activity in which you want to increase your speed, then you might want to consider using a Viper Harness in your training regimen. What types of benefits does this particular piece of equipment have to offer?

Of course, the most notable advantage is that it can dramatically boost your performance speed and strength, making you more efficient at your sport or activity of choice. It also works to improve your balance and control your body positions, helping you achiever higher levels of fitness in a safer and more effective manner.

Additionally, the Viper Harness is adjustable around your waist (it goes up to 40 inches), so it works well whether you are just starting to get into shape or if you have been working out for a while and already have a fairly trim midsection. Plus, you can easily tighten it down as you tone up, allowing you to keep getting a great workout without having to buy sometimes costly new fitness equipment.

Another benefit is the Viper Harness’ padded shoulder straps. This means maximum comfort as you work your way to greater levels of speed and agility. And when you buy the harness through, it comes with a 3 meter resistance cord so that the drag of the additional weight from your trainer feels more natural to you, thus making your speed training more pleasurable and less abnormal as you run forward or quickly change directions from side to side.

Whether you use this top quality piece of equipment to improve your running, sprinting, or leaping abilities, one thing is for sure—the Viper Harness won’t let you down. It provides maximum training comfort and control at a minimum cost and it really doesn’t get any better than that.

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