10 L-Glutamine supplement workout benefits

10 L-Glutamine supplement workout benefits - Fitness Health

Glutamine refers to the amino acid which is commonly found in our muscles. More than 60% of our skeletal muscle is made up of Glutamine. The primary function of this vital amino acid is to supply nitrogen to our muscle cells. Glutamine levels tend to drastically drop during intense training, including lifting weights, cardio exercises, etc. on a regular basis. In such cases, L-Glutamine supplements have been proven to help in muscle recovery and enhance protein metabolism.

Daily intake of L-Glutamine supplements helps in increased workout recovery and a marked decrease in muscle soreness. It also helps in prevention of many common diseases such as coughs and colds. Furthermore, it helps to strengthen the immune system so you can keep exercising without falling ill.

How does L-Glutamine help our body?

L-Glutamine supplement contributes to boosting the Human Growth Hormone or HGH which aids in losing body fat and facilitates muscle growth. It is also helpful in cell volumizing, and its anti-catabolism properties prevent muscle breakdown. L-Glutamine supplements help you achieve optimal performance by providing the required amount of amino acid to your body.

10 Benefits of the L-Glutamine supplement workout benefits

Latest research shows that L-Glutamine supplement provides a number of advantages which are:

  • It improves gastrointestinal health by helping it to repair and rebuild in case of damage.
  • Helps to heal ulcers.
  • L- Glutamine is an essential neurotransmitter and taking these supplements contribute to improving focus, memory retention, and concentration.
  • Balances mucus production in your body due to which we experience healthy bowel movements.
  • Helps muscle growth and prevents muscle deterioration.
  • Facilitates athletic performance and helps to recover from endurance exercises.   
  • Contributes to control cravings for sugar and alcohol.
  • Helps to fight diseases such as cancer.
  • Improves sugar levels in our body and controls diabetes.
  • Improves cellular detoxification and increases protein metabolism.

Are there any adverse effects of L-Glutamine supplements?

L-Glutamine supplements are completely safe for consumption and do not have any side effects. They contain nutrients that are essential for our body and are not harmful in any way. They are made from animal and plant protein found in dairy, meat, as well as parsley, red cabbage, and beans, etc.   

Recommended dosage

An average person can take 5-15 grams of L-Glutamine supplement on a daily basis, but consuming 10 grams daily is considered ideal. It is best to take this supplement before or after your workout. It is beneficial to take it in the morning or before bedtime on days when you do not plan to hit the gym. L-glutamine supplement is available in both powder and capsule form, but it is better to take it in powder form. This is because in powder form it can be taken with water or any other liquid, or you can mix it in your protein shake.  

Make L-Glutamine a part of your daily diet

Whether you wish to improve your overall health by controlling your diabetes or a leaky gut, increase your athletic abilities, or recover and build muscle, it is advised to make L-Glutamine supplements part of your daily diet. Regular intake of L-glutamine supplements detoxifies your body and gets rid of high quantities of ammonia by turning it into amino sugars, amino acids, and urea. 

One hour of exercise can cause, approximately, a 40% reduction of glutamine from inside your body which can result in suppressed immune function. This can affect your athletic performance and can also lead to overtraining syndrome. Usage of L-glutamine supplement not only help athletes while training but also helps boost the immune system and restore glycogen which is essential for energy restoration. This supplement is not a steroid, and when you start taking it regularly, you will feel a positive difference in your performance within a few days.



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