Maximise Muscle Growth with MusclePharm Combat


MusclePharm Combat is MusclePharm’s protein powder supplement.

Its purpose is to maximise the growth of muscle tissue and to ensure proper protein utilization. This, in turn, ensures that the protein in muscle fibre is not recycled to repair the damage done caused by the anaerobic training stimulus.

There is a lot to like about this particular brand of whey protein powder. To be quite frank it is quite unique in the sense that the product itself contains a variety of protein blends that digest at varying rates (slow, medium and fast), which total approximately 8 hours. This is only one of the many pros of this particular product. What is to like about Combat is that it contains all three of these types of protein (Whey, Casein, Egg Albumen), whereas most other supplements have either one or perhaps two proteins. As a result you receive all of the benefits of each (i.e. the fast-acting whey and the deterioration-preventing casein) in one scoop.

Speaking of the scoop

One scoop delivers and leaves you satisfied for hours after. No need to worry though, as the tub itself is remarkably large as well. Furthermore, Combat is stuffed with added Branched-Chain-Amino acids, (i.e. leucine, isoleucine, and valine) which aid in maintaining, repairing, and building muscle tissue. Beyond that Combat also has supplemental Glutamine, which has been suggested to support the immune system while also fortifying the effects of the other amino acids, thereby reinforcing the accretion of muscle tissue.Furthermore, the protein-to-carb ratio is remarkable as it contains 25 grams of protein to 4 grams of carbohydrates. Most other protein brands have somewhere between 5.5g-20g of carbohydrates. As can be seen, the value for someone trying to cut their carb intake while trying to maintain their protein intake will be apparent in this product. One final positive thing to mention is the flavour. The banana cream variant has a wonderful taste, but all of them are delicious (perhaps with the exception of the raspberry flavour which has been compared to cough syrup).

When looking at cons, the most common one made is the price. True, the product is more expensive than its competition but it is this author’s belief that it is worth the extra cash as the product itself has too many positive qualities to ignore. So in short:

  • Extremely satisfying and effective
  • Variety Blend Protein Base
  • Added BCAA and Glutamine
  • Excellent Protein-to-Carb ratio
  • Amazing taste

All in all, it is an amazing supplement that does what it is supposed to do and is definitely worth a look if you are serious about your training!

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