FH Pro Athletics Massage Stick Muscle Roller

FH Pro Athletics Massage Stick Muscle Roller is a physio massage tool that aids the break down muscle tissue with its trigger points the massage stick is ideal for fitness muscle massage.  Extremely...

From : £9.99

FH Pro Foam Roller

FH Pro roller unique pin point foam roller for fitness muscle massage   Massaging specific areas of the body help with tension release before and after exercise Large Size Foam...

From : £14.99

FH Body Fat Tester Skin Fold Caliper with body fat chart

Skinfold caliper Instruction manual with body fat chart included Easy and accurate body fat measurements in minutesPersonal trainers and Fitness instructors equipmentVery light easy to transport

From : £3.99

Fitness Health ® Skipping Jump Rope Blue

  Fitness Health high quality skipping rope for fast active speed skipping The total length of cord from handle to handle is 260cm. Each handle length is 13cm Material: Plastic Color:...

50% OFF! From : £1.99

FH CrossFit Skipping Jump Rope Weighted Steel

FH Steel jump rope is perfect for high intensity CrossFit workouts, helping you increase your skipping speed, the steel jump rope cuts through the air more quickly, ensuring that maintain...

50% OFF! From : £2.99

FH Home Gym Flooring Interlocking Protective Floor Mats

Fitness Health interlocking floor mats are ideal for placement under heavy exercise training  equipment such as multi gyms, heavy weights, benches, squat racks etc .Made from quality grade EVA, each of...

From : £13.00

FH Green Travel Foam Roller

  33 cm length x 24 cm Diameter  Remove toxins from muscle tissue and help blood circulation FH Pro used by top athletes for   Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) Foam-rolling and similar...

36% OFF! From : £8.99

FH Pro Trigger Pin Roller Massage Stick

FH Pro Trigger Pin Massage Stick is a unique fitness tool that breaks down muscle tissue  with its spiky points the massage stick is ideal for fitness muscle massage. Massaging specific areas of...

From : £9.99

FH Pro Kinesiology Muscle Protection Tape

FH Pro Kinesiology Tape   Muscle Kinesio tape is made of high-quality cotton strength fabric. The tape has medical pressure-sensitive glue helping which helps the tape stay in place once applied to body muscle support...

From : £1.99

FH Resistance Band Door Anchor

FH Door anchor made from strong nylon webbing hard wooden inner core 17 cm in length x 2 inches width Made to support your workout from any door frame Door...

From : £1.99

FH Heavy Resistance Band Handles

Made from strong nylon webbing each handle can support up to 200lbs.  Each handle has a 12 cm grip length.  Handles are Ideally used with Resistance bands. Foam Handles Comfortable...

From : £8.99

Suspension Training Galvanised Wall Ceiling Mount Ring and Hook

Heavy  duty solid Steel Construction4-Hole design (mount to Wood Beams / Studs or Concrete Walls)Mount horizontal or vertical for suspension training Just clip your carabiner to the ring mount, easy to use space...

From : £6.99

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