6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Gym To Remain Fit

6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Gym To Remain Fit - Fitness Health

Want that toned body, but you refuse or can’t go to the gym? I think all of us can relate to that. From not feeling well to being broke or too busy, going to the gym can become a real inconvenience. So, what can you do to remain fit? Well, here are six reasons you don't need a gym to meet your health goal.

You can efficiently work at home. Now, this may sound absurd to some. I mean, are you going to lift pots and pans? Keep in mind that no matter how crazy and ineffective the idea sounds, you can and will increase your fitness levels at home without hitting the gym!

Here are the six reasons why you don’t need to gym to remain healthy:

  1. Your options are unfathomable

What are the first words that surface in your mind whenever the idea of body weight training springs up? Ineffective. Tedious. Challenging.

It is highly misconceived that fancy machines and hefty dumbbells are the only fitness sources and that everything else is too beginner level.

We are not told that our own weight, if used appropriately, is sufficient to accomplish our body goals. Doing combinations of squats, planks, pushups, lunges, and so much more can help you prepare as many workout routines as you desire to target specific muscles.

There are limitless exercises out there that you can add to your day from the comfort of your home. Unlike in a gym, you won't have to feel shy about trying out new things!

  1. Less of a risk

At home, you are safer from injuries. With the absence of bulky weights, you do not have to fret over dropping a barbell on your pinky toe or someone else dropping something on you.

Since you are organizing and executing the exercises, you are in complete control. If, at any point, an exercise wavers and the intensity shoots, you can always shift your form and eliminate risks. No more threats of squat bars rolling over your neck.

  1. Alter your workout routine to fit your needs

At home, you can modify any and every exercise to lighten it up or to crank up the difficulty level without wondering what other gym-goers will think of you.

If, as a beginner, you are facing difficulty doing pushups from your toes, you can always try them from your knees. If that doesn’t work too, try pushing from a wall.

  1. Home workouts are less daunting

Imagine setting foot inside a prestigious gym and glancing at all the high-tech equipment whose names you can’t even begin to guess. Around you, people are doing all sorts of workouts and lifting the heaviest of weights without breaking a sweat. Your self-confidence exits right down the drain. Scary, right?

You do not need to dwell on those fears when working from home. Start from scratch with easy lunges, squats, and pushups, and when you're really ready, jump to more intense ones like mountain climbers. At home, you can go at your own pace!

  1. Don’t bother about the time and place

Will you be taking a break between studying or while you’re waiting for the plumber? You can add a workout any time you are free. Unfold your yoga mat, and get to that super burning workout while your coffee brews. You won’t have to worry about going to the gym before it closes or dealing with traffic. At home, you get to exercise when you want.

  1. Save some cash

Gyms can be pretty hefty on the pocket. Working out at home can really help you save some cash and that too without compromising on your fitness goals. Get yourself a watch or cute necklace with what you save! It’s a win-win.

Bottom Line

By now, the concept that bodyweight workouts at home are just as effective as the gym should be engraved in your head. With all that convenience topped with some savings, don't feel bad if you're unable to go to the gym. Just remember not to make it an excuse.

Not having a gym membership doesn’t mean you can’t stay healthy.


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