best resistance band training during lockdown

It’s not easy to maintain the same intensity of workouts at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. At the gym, you had the leisure of using different sets of dumbbells to change the resistance and challenge your body. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t give your body a challenge at home. Training with a resistance band can offer a lot to your workout routine.

With a resistance band, you can train your biceps, chest, legs, and back all while staying at home. So, grab your favorite resistance band and follow the “best resistance band training during lockdown” plan we have for you. This plan will target different areas of your body.

  1. The Chest:

Chest training can be done by performing traditional pushups, but having a resistance band spices up things and takes you to the next level.

  • Resistance Band Pushups:

Put ends of the resistance band under both hands while draping the resistance band over your back. Make sure to loop the bands through your thumbs for some extra grip. Now, get into your normal plank position and start performing pushups.

These pushups will feel different from the average pushup because of the added resistance. If you feel stiffness in your pectoral muscles, you should stop and warm up for a bit. You should get back to doing the pushups once the pectoral muscles are warm and loose.

You should perform 4 or 5 sets consisting of 10-20 reps or higher (but only if you can do them properly).

  • Resistance Band Press:

Lay on a flat surface and make sure the resistance band is firmly draped under your back. Grab the other end just like a barbell and extend your arms. Perform 3 sets consisting of 8-10 reps.

  1. The Shoulders:

Shoulders can't be trained without adequate resistance; that's why you get to see ripped athletes with little or no shoulder definition.

  • Resistance Band Overhead Press:

Stand on the resistance band. Grab both ends of the band and raise them above your shoulders, extending your arms toward the ceiling. Considering the band's resistance, this might be tough for you, but keep trying. Perform the overhead press for 5-10 reps for 3 sets.

  • Forward Raise:

Stand on the resistance band just like the previous exercise. But this time, instead of extending your hands toward the ceiling, extend them away from your face in a way that they’re perpendicular to your shoulders. These raises are crucial for building those 3D Deltoids you always wanted. Perform forward raises while alternating hands for 20 reps and 3 sets.

  • Lateral Raises:

Just like the exercises mentioned above, get in the starting position, but this time raise your hands sideways in the same perpendicular fashion. It'll be hard for some people, but it's essential for building beautiful round shoulders and trapezius muscles. Perform lateral raises while alternating hands for 20 reps and 3 sets.

  1. The Legs:

The lower body shouldn’t be ignored, especially during the lockdown!

  • Resistance Band Squats:

Stand on the resistance band and get yourself in the squat position. Hold the other side of the band using your hands over your shoulders or head. Now try standing up from the squat position and perform the squat like the way you usually do. You should feel resistance offered by the band right in your glutes. Perform 3 sets consisting of 10-15 reps.

  1. The Arms:

Everyone wants their arms to look big and muscular. So why not train them during the lockdown?

  • Resistance Band Bicep Curls:

Either be seated or in a standing position and place one end of the resistance band under your foot and pull the other end using your hand. Perform these curls for 3 sets consisting of 10-15 reps per each arm.

  • Triceps Extensions:

Attach one end of the resistance band on an elevated point and pull the end toward yourself and extend it parallel to your legs. Perform triceps extensions for 10-15 reps in 3 sets for each arm.

Go ahead and give this ‘Best Resistance band training during lockdown’ plan a try. Do remember that you can modify the reps you do and can even switch to low-impact versions depending on where you are on your fitness journey.

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