power bag vs. medicine ball- which one gives the best results?

There’s plenty of workout gear out there. What irritates me a lot is that if a new trend occurs, there is always a group that insists it's the only thing you'll ever need to do.


My fitness perspective has evolved to accommodate a combination of various elements. Strength is a significant component of that, but so is stamina, endurance, speed, and mobility. And that’s where the debate between a power bag and a medicine ball comes in. Should you stick with the old or go for the new?

The medicine ball is one of the oldest pieces of fitness equipment around. The power bags came later.

You will be surprised at how similar both types of auxiliary fitness equipment are.

They tend to: 

  • Build strength, balance, stability, and coordination.
  • Combine principles of resistance training and sport-specific conditioning.
  • Trains the core; you can perform many functional movements similar to those you do in everyday life.
  • Are great use for rehab.
  • Don't damage floors if you drop them.
  • Help develop power and explosiveness.
  • Work in multiple movement planes.
  • Are quite inexpensive.

Now, here are a few differences between a Power bag and a Medicine ball:

  • Size

Medicine balls are available in various sizes ranging from 3kg to 10 kg. Power bags come in numerous sizes, ranging from 3 kilograms to 50 kilograms, covering the whole spectrum of beginner and advanced trainers.

  • Handles

Take note; some medicine balls have handles. Now, the Power bag features loose handles, which are fantastic in terms of creating instability. If there's instability, your body has to create stability, and therefore a power bag gives you a whole-body core workout with every exercise that you do.

  • Grip Strength

A power bag has a smooth surface, which helps develop grip strength, and, unlike medicine balls, when you set it down, it won't roll away from you. There are several ways to carry the power bag, from bear hugging it to basically pinching it. Working with such a bag and it’s shifting mass has advantages when it comes to building grip power.

Power Bag vs. Medicine Ball - which one gives the best results?

When used correctly, both can give you the best results during your fitness journey. According to experts, a power bag should be your go-to option because it’s more challenging.

Recent studies show that shorter exercises at a higher intensity will improve fitness rather than working out for more extended periods at a moderate speed. Each time you move, the bag changes, making the workout challenging as you try to balance it. Moreover, the handles make it easier for you to grip tight compared to a medicine ball.

A power bag works toward improving your strength and stamina. Much like a medicine ball, it can be caught and thrown (a great way to increase your metabolism).

A medicine ball, while effective, isn’t able to give you the instability that a power bag does. The same goes for versatility; a medicine ball is less versatile than a power bag.

Take Away

Often you get a piece of fitness equipment and find that you don't have any idea how to get started or, more confusingly, how to incorporate it into what you already do.

Whether you choose a power bag or medicine ball, you should do under supervision, so you know how to achieve your goals. Also, when it's your first time with such a piece of equipment, struggling with maintaining balance can detract from the actual exercise you are supposed to do. So, try and use a power bag or a medicine ball with a friend nearby until you grow accustomed.   

If you want a full-body workout (including maintaining your balance), you should opt for a power bag. If you want some more low-impact and not stressful on your wrists, you should opt for a medicine ball.

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