Resistance Band Strength Training Benefits (Rene Harwood’s eBook)

Resistance Band Strength Training Benefits (Rene Harwood’s eBook) - Fitness Health

Resistance Band Strength Training Benefits

As explained by personal trainer Rene Harwood in his eBook resistance band training exercise, incorporating resistance bands into your daily workouts provides you with a number of benefits. The greatest thing about resistance bands is its portability, because of which it is possible to workout using resistance bands anywhere you go.

Benefits of strength training using resistance bands include the following:

  • Various levels of strength possible

Resistance bands have a variety of colours, tensions, as well as sizes. It doesn't matter if you are just an amateur who recently hit the gym or an athlete who has been training for years, adding resistance bands to your daily workout is possible and very beneficial.

However, when purchasing the bands, make sure that you buy them in various tension levels and sizes. This is because the different muscles in your body have different strength levels; some are stronger than others. Therefore, you need to have resistance bands with varying levels of tension so that you can adjust for both the weak muscles and the strong ones as well. 

  • Extreme flexibility

Since resistance bands provide flexibility, it is possible to move in various directions. As a result, you can use the bands to increase the strength of any muscle you want in your body provided that you step in the right direction. With the help of a little creativity, you can use these resistance bands to stretch your muscles while you work on strengthening them as well.

  • No additional training required

As mentioned above, you can incorporate the bands in your daily workout routine. This entails that there is no need for you to learn a new routine so that you can use these bands. For example, you can replace the free weights that you use for doing a bicep curl with a resistance band. Similarly, you can use the bands to increase your push-ups intensity.

  • Every muscle is challenged

Since you can use resistance bands to perform a full body workout, you are able to test each and every muscle in your body. As a result, you can strengthen all the muscles with just a few workout sessions.

  • Diversity

Muscles have the tendency to adapt to all the movements that you repeatedly do. For this reason, it is important to add some variety to your workout so that your muscles are continuously challenged. You can alternate exercise machines and free weights with these resistance bands so that you get a continuous variety.

  • Can be used on their own

Experts suggest that you shouldn't lift any heavy weight without a workout partner; however, it is entirely safe to use these bands on their own as explained by Rene Harwood, director at Fitness Health Limited. Moreover, you can use the bands while you’re traveling or at home at any time.

  • Can be combined with other equipment

Due to the versatility of the bands, it is possible to use them with weights. Consequently, you get the benefits of two different kinds of exercises in one go.

  • Overall effective workout

Despite the fact that these bands are extremely simple, they are still quite effective than other equipment when it comes to working all your muscles. Moreover, training with resistance bands can help to boost your stamina, provide better range of motion, and flexibility. Therefore, you benefit from an improved muscle tone and strength because of which you can easily protect your joints from any kind of injury while working out.

To know more about training your body using resistance bands, you can check out the eBook by Rene Harwood, a personal trainer who has been in the health and fitness field for years.


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