Use of Sports Agility Games for Sports Training Drills


Agility is the distinguishing factor amongst athletes. There are a number of athletes out there who however are not the star players in the team, but because of their swiftness and pace, they are almost impossible to defend.
Over the years there have been multiple ways to describe agility, but now one common definition that is being followed in almost all sports is that agility refers to a sudden swift reaction of an athlete when he/she faces an unusual situation. It requires multiple changes in direction and use of instant reflexes. When an athlete is able to do this, they not only have an excellent advantage but are also more prone to injuries.

There are a few drills related to agility which can increase the overall performance of an athlete significantly. Let’s check them out!


Dot drills are a great way to elevate the stability of an athlete. It is a phenomenal way to develop electrifying leg, ankle and knee strength. This agility drill is usually recommended to athletes who are indulged in games like soccer, badminton, football, tennis, etc. when instant changes in the direction are required.
A simple way to perform the dot drill is by making a pattern like that of a five in dice on the floor by marking ‘x,’ or you can even purchase a dot drill mat. Start the drill by warming up and then jump from one dot to another dot using both feet together. Advance by using one foot and jump along one fixed pattern.

This drill requires an agility ladder and a specific method of moving across it. For instance, you can do knee high jumps through it and then eventually move to lateral scissors. Most importantly position your body in a push-up position and use your hands to move the ladder if your aim is to work on your upper body. Once you have aced one particular move increase the speed and start doing it as fast as you can. Keep counting in your head as it will increase your concentration level and will elevate your heart rate thereby increasing overall stamina.

This drill uses the weight of an athlete and helps him attain a better balance, stability, coordination, and power. This exercise is absolute gold for an athlete who aims for better coordination and is in need to increase the lateral power. It is important to note that the drill should initially start with a shorter height and it can be increased slowly. Moreover, it is compulsory to warm up before performing this drill.

Foot speed and agility cannot be increased by skipping this drill. The sprint is inevitable when an athlete aims to increase or develop foot speed; for this drill ensures dynamic swiftness and responsiveness in an athlete. In order to do this drill, you are supposed to warm up for 7-10 minutes and then mark two points about thirty feet apart. Run from the first mark to the second and then run or jog in the backward position to the first and then run back the second one. Repeat this process as quickly as you can at least 10 times.

Tuck jumps is a very simple drill but at the same time has effective results. You are to stand with your knees bent and your feet width apart. In this position jump with as much power as you can and bring your knees to your chest in midair. Grab your knees swiftly and then release. Repeat this drill as you land and do it for 10-12 minutes without a break.

Shuttle run drill is done especially by those athletes who play tennis, basketball, hockey, etc. Two marks are made at a distance of 75 feet, and the athlete is to run from the first mark to the second and then back to complete one repetition. This is just one of the way to do this drill, but regardless of which way you do it, you are to do at least 10 repetitions. This drill ensures increases perseverance, stamina, and speed.








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