Why Bodybuilders use BCAA for Muscle Building

Why Bodybuilders use BCAA for Muscle Building - Fitness Health

 Why Bodybuilders use BCAA for Muscle Building

Questions about whether or not you took your BCAA supplement are probably something you've already heard if you're trying to increase your muscle mass. And yes, the question does make sense because BCAA is known to help build muscle, especially for bodybuilders.

If you’re interested in muscle building, you need to know about what BCAA stands for and why bodybuilders use it.

Why is BCAA so important?

When you're committed to lifting weights to pump up your muscles, you require the proper diet to meet the demands of your body. Not meeting your body's needs isn't only going to prevent you from getting the muscle mass you want it can also make your body vulnerable to falling ill.

For exercise, your body needs amino acids. BCAA happens to be an abbreviation of Branched Chain Amino Acids. As amino acids are regarded as the building blocks of your body, you need all nine essential amino acids for a healthy lifestyle. Three of these nine, leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the key to maintaining muscle, with leucine being the most important for building muscle.

Consuming BCAA allows you to give your body the recommended amount of leucine for building the amount of muscle you’re working towards. That is why bodybuilders take this supplement. It allows them to give their body the right amount of leucine amino acids to develop new muscle.

Gaining muscle mass is all about protein synthesis, and that's what BCAA helps your body with. Not only does it accelerate the process of protein synthesis it also increase each cell's capacity for such synthesis. BCCA contributes to reducing the overall rate of protein breakdown in your body.

According to biological research, if you increase the synthesis of protein and reduce its breakdown you’ll be able to gain muscle mass as well as maintain what’s already present. For bodybuilders, it's all about getting the muscle mass they want, and BCAA aids them in their journey.

Furthermore, there are also other benefits for bodybuilders who consume BCAA.

The Immune System

BCAA provides support to your immune system. When you fall ill or place your body under a lot of stress, glycogen is consumed. This, in turn, has an adverse effect on your muscle mass. Consuming BCAA strengthens the immune system and prevents you from falling ill. If you don't fall ill, you won't experience difficulties with muscle recovery and continue to pump iron at the gym.

Prevents Amino Acid Deficiency

Consuming BCAA supplement ensures that your body doesn’t experience any kind of amino acid deficiency. Individuals who are on strict diets for building muscle are at risk of not being able to eat the amount amino acids their body requires. By taking such a supplement, bodybuilders can ensure that they are providing their body with what it needs while they also get it ready for a contest.   

Prevents Lean Muscle Mass Loss

When you take a break from your usual exercise sessions, your body is at risk of losing lean muscle mass. Such loss is common in individuals who had to go through some sort of surgery. By keeping their BCCA intake in check, such people can still maintain their muscle mass. Not only that, but BCAA supplement will also help their muscles to recover faster after surgery. 

Now, before you start taking BCAA yourself, you need to talk to your dietician or trainer. A lot of times, people are able to meet their leucine requirement through their diet. For such people, consuming BCAA supplement isn't necessary. So, consult an expert, and they'll help you figure out whether or not you should be taking such a supplement to meet your bodybuilding goals.

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