Homemade Beef Burger


300g Mince Beef

1 Onion fine diced

Tbsp Mustard

Tbsp tomato puree

Tsp soy sauce

Tsp Tabasco

Tbsp Mixed herb

Hand full Breadcrumbs

1 Egg



1. Place beef mince into a bowl add onion, mustard, tomato puree, soy, Tabasco and mixed herb

2. Then add one egg and then breadcrumbs with seasoning

3. Test the mix and dry fry a little of the mix, taste and then fix if needed

4. Shape...

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yorkshire pudding




1 pint whole eggs

1 pint of flour

1 pint of milk

Vegetable oil ( as required)




  1. Break eggs and fill pint glass, then place into a bowl beat and mix milk
  2. Add flour and seasoning, mix together until thick batter is formed
  3. Fill cup holder or muffin baking tray with half cups of vegetable oil
  4. Place into hot oven, oven needs to be 280 C, leave tray in for 10 mins make sure the...

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Chicken and Broccoli lasagne

  Serves 4 people Ingredients 500g Chicken meat cooked 200g Grated cheese 2 Large Broccoli florets 300ml Chicken stock 100ml Milk 100...

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homemade pesto






50g pine nuts,

20g cashew nuts ,

20g basil,

20g parmesan,

20g parsley

200ml ½ olive oil or mixed normal vegetable oil with olive oil



1.Pluck all the basil & parsley from the stems,

2.Place nuts in with oil and blend for 1 minute

3.Add parmesan and herbs then blend for a further 4 minutes until smooth texture is formed

You can always add different herbs to this recipe, also...

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Tomato Pasta Sauce Napoli Recipe



2 tins 200g chopped tomatoes,

3 roasted garlic cloves

½ fresh chilli

1 large onion

40g Mixed herbs

100ml stock (Vegetable or Chicken)

1 Star anise

gastric (vinegar & sugar )



  1. Fry onion, garlic and chilli together
  2. Combine tomatoes and star anise in a saucepan and bring to the boil
  3. Add stock reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally for 3-4 minutes
  4. Place vinegar and...

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Roast fondant potatoes



2kg Potatoes

25 grams Butter or oil

1litre Stock (vegetable, chicken or beef)

Seasoning as required (always add but never take away)

Seasoning = salt and pepper


  1. Wash clean and peel potatoes, chop into quarters
  2. Place potatoes into roasting tray, add stock, up to half way point on potato
  3. Brush the top of the potatoes with oil or butter
  4. Place into heated oven 190c for...

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Chicken liver Pate


500g Chicken livers

200g sausage meat

1 ½ large onions

Tbsp fresh thyme

2 bay leaves

2 cloves fresh Garlic

shot of brandy

½ pint cream


  1. Take off fat from chicken livers, place pan on medium heat
  2. Add olive oil into pan and add garlic, onions &bay leaves
  3. Stir for 2 minutes then add chicken livers , keep stirring every 3 minutes until livers are light brown
  4. Add sausage meat,...

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homemade pizza dough recipe








3 1/2 cups strong flour


1 cup warm water


2 tablespoons yeast


1 tablespoons Honey or sugar


1/4 cup olive oil or butter


1/2 teaspoon salt




1. Place all dried ingredients into a bowl and mix together, (flour, salt, yeast and sugar if needed ) do for 3 minutes to make sure all powder is mixed (turn on oven)

2. Add honey , olive oil and warm water and knead together...

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Chilli con carni

Recipe 200 grams Mince beef 2 Garlic cloves 2 Large onions 1 Carrot 1 capsicum 2 Fresh Chilli ½ kg Mushrooms 1 240gram tin Kidney bea...

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Gazpacho Mediterranean Soup

Gazpacho (Mediterranean Soup)

Origin Spain, which ever climate you are in gazpacho is great, it can be eaten hot or cold. Tomatoes are great source of vitamin, carrot and capsicums both have and fresh basil.

Great choice for a starter, kid’s meal and lunch! It’s easy to make can keep in fridge for up to three days or can be kept frozen. Vegan and Vegetarians can eat this soup and it is also...

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Gazpacho Mediterranean Soup

Gazpacho (Mediterranean Soup) Origin Spain, which ever climate you are in gazpacho is great, it can be eaten hot or cold. Tomatoes are great ...

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