Healthy Yoga

Practicing yoga can help you live better, healthier and longer . New study shows that deep  breathing can help cure and prevent diseases. Yoga is one of the best types of exercise you can do, the combination of fitness and breathing can help you develop a strong healthy immune system, by opening the channels and allowing the oxygen in the blood to travel and work better. This sounds strange, but good controlled breathing techniques can offer a simple and easy way of healing  body. Good breathing techniques can help you with problems such like

  • stress
  • sleep
  • fatigue
  • menstrual cramps
  • blood pressure
  • arthritis
  • angina
The longer you train and practice yoga techniques, the better your body will become with helping  your immune system and fighting infectious diseases. Yoga training is not just  for flexibility, yoga should be implemented into every training program, it can help your increase ROM,  better breathing and structure the body with a store posture. Learning these centuries-old techniques can help avoid problems occurring in the future .
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