Enhance Athletic Performance by Using Kinetic Leg Bands.

Enhance Athletic Performance by Using Kinetic Leg Bands. - Fitness Health

 Enhance Athletic Performance by Using Kinetic Leg Bands.

Kinetic leg bands (sometimes also known as the K bands) are actually the tools which make exercise a lot easier for you by making you focus on working smarter not harder! These are designed to be worn above your knees and help to provide strength to your lower body, specifically legs. They are known to increase the flexibility and stamina of your body by several folds.
Following are some of the purposes they serve by enhancing the athletic performance.

Sports Training
Training for every sport is different and varies in several aspects, but one thing that is important in all of them is enhancing the speed of your performance in that typical sport. This can be achieved by “drills” which can be effectively performed by using the kinetic leg bands. You must do a few reps with the K band on and a few reps with the K bands off in order to keep up velocity at all times. This is a compulsory exercise for sprinters as it provides hip strength and makes a person more explosive.

Core Development
One thing that all athletes need to do is to work their abs, glutes, hamstring muscles and hips as these play a vital role in speed enhancement but unfortunately, a few athletes neglect them. If you perform the following exercises with your Kinetic stretch bands for 10-15 minutes daily for around 3-4 times a week.

  1. Single-leg side jumps
    These will help you improve endurance. Tie the band around the middle of your thighs and stand one the support of your left leg. Jump to your right (as far as possible) and land on the other leg. Do a squat on this leg and then jump to your left to get back to your initial position. This is just one rep! do 30 such reps in a row with your Kinetic leg band on and see the magic!
  2. Step-ups to knee raises
    These are most beneficial for runners as they tend to improve the flexibility and strength of the hip region. Keep your back around your thighs and stand before a place which is knee-high. Put one foot (left) on that knee-high step and press down hard with the heel in order to straighten your leg. Bring your right knee up to your chest, and then lower your right foot back down so that you get back in the starting position. During this process, keep your kinetic leg bands put on. This is one rep. Do at least 15 such reps in a day.
  3. Backward Lunge
    These are known to strengthen your quadratus and gluteus muscles. Put your Kinetic leg bands around your thighs and make your feet hip-width apart. Place your right leg behind yourself and bend into a lunge position by placing down both knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Then step forward with your feet together. This is one rep. Do 15-20 such reps on both your legs.
  4. Walking side squats
    Tie the bands around your thighs and take your feet shoulder-width apart. Turn out your toes (slightly) and let your arms hang by the sides. Lower yourself at your knees to get yourself in a squat position. One must thing must be kept in mind; your knees must be level with the floor. Now jump up with your feet placed together and then go on repeating on both sides. The more you practice, the greater exercise intensity you will develop.

During all these exercises, the kinetic leg bands will not only help you perform with ease but will also help in effectively achieving the flexibility, endurance, and stamina that you want for your body.

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