Resistance Bands - Versatile and Easy To Use

Resistance Bands - Versatile and Easy To Use - Fitness Health

 Resistance Bands - Versatile and Easy To Use

When you look at a red pepper, it is very hard to imagine that these little things can make you cry until you put it in your mouth. This is very similar to resistance bands; when you look at a large dumbbell next to a resistant bank, it is very hard to believe that these bands, are a great strength training tool.

These bands may look small and ordinary, but they have the power to alarm you. A single resistant tool can be used to strengthen the major muscles group and is a great tool when exercising. These resilient bands are very popular amongst sprinters, powerlifters and everyone who comes in between.

What Makes These Bands So Popular

Resistant bands originated from the early 1900s and back then they were prepared from surgical tubing. Their original aim was muscle rehabilitation and as time passed, the photos of exercising from that time started to look very similar to the exercises used for strength today, and so these bands made a comeback and had increased in popularity.

Some reasons for the popularity of these bands include:

  • Versatility

There is no doubt that these exercising bands are incredibly versatile which is why anyone can enjoy and benefit from these bands and use a single exercise tool for multiple exercises. Since these versatile resistant bands can be used for plenty of exercises, it can help people of different ages and unique intensity levels to achieve their different goals in Pilates, general fitness, physical training or other elite exercises.

These bands are so adaptable and are available in different color-coded levels of resistance starting with light to extra heavy. These color-codes allow you to progress as you increase and built-up your strength. The adaptability of these bands is so mind-blowing that you can start to perform a band squat and immediately add a bicep curl in between. You can also use this resistant band and perform a lunge with an overhead press at the same time.

Due to the versatility of these bands, you have endless possibilities of exercising.

  • Affordability

These bands are very cheap and easy to afford. You can grab one of these bands for less than $20! These exercising tools are relatively inexpensive even if you want to grab a very good branded band; you won’t have to empty out your pockets. Due to the cheap pricing, you can buy different color-coded bands and keep exercising.

  • Portability

This “Take it with your tool” is very handy for people who are obsessed with staying fit. Unlike heavier and awkward exercising machines, resistant bands can be folded up and taken with you wherever you go.  Unlike a treadmill that you can’t hide when you have guest over, these resistant bands are small light and flexible, and you can tuck them anywhere you want.

  • More Muscle Recruitment

Due to the great versatility that these bands provide, they are incredibly efficient. These bands can provide a total body workout no matter where you want to place your focus on. Whether you want to focus larger muscles or smaller ones- the possibility of working out from head to toe are endless.

In the upper body you can exercise your chest, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders whereas if you want to work on your lower body, you can use these bands on your glutes, calves, hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Using these versatile bands, you can even target your core muscles; these bands make it easy to target your lower abdominals and upper abdominals as well as your lower back and obliques.

If you are fresh to the world of working out and need to start with a workout regime them gram yourself a band and experience all they have to offer to get leaner and stronger!



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