Using Resistance Bands in Yoga Exercises

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Yoga is great for increased flexibility, greater muscle strength, lower stress levels and more. However, you can make it even more beneficial by incorporating resistance bands into the exercises, getting you more fit and healthy in the process.

Benefit of Resistance Bands

When you add resistance bands to your fitness routine, your muscles will grow stronger faster. This will help you burn more fat (as it takes more energy to keep muscle mass than it does fat stores) and give you a longer, leaner appearance.

Resistance bands also help you control your movements better as you’re working against a force, making you stop when you’ve reached maximum resistance. You’ll find it easier to keep proper form and notice greater fitness gains by doing so.

Yoga Exercises that Work Best with Bands

Ideally, you want to master the poses without the bands first so that you know how to do them before adding another factor to the mix. Once you do though, you’re ready to do yoga with the resistance bands, giving you some of the benefits like we discussed above.

A few of the yoga poses that work best with bands are:

  • Warrior pose
  • Forward bend
  • Tree pose
  • Bridge
  • Dancer pose

General Guidelines

When you do yoga with resistance bands, make sure you use slow and controlled movements. Although it may take more time to get through your workout, you’ll get better results at a faster rate.

Also, use the right tension band. If you choose one that is too strong, you’ll risk doing more damage than good; however, use one that is too light and you’ll miss out on all the positive benefits of a good workout. Experiment with a variety of tensions to find which one is right for you.

Doing yoga is great for your fitness and so is using resistance bands. Put them both together and that is a recipe for a lean, mean, fat burning you!

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