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  Maintaining perfect posture requires minimal energy and effort, posture training is often left out from training plans. Its important to maintain good posture throughout life, it helps with everyday fitness and jobs, gardening, running, dancing or cleaning. Good posture controls our balance, balance controls our bodies ability to carry, jump, walk, push, bend and reach! If you have a bad posture you are more pron to back injury, back pain, falls, accidents and osteoarthritis.This is why posture should be the first and most important training to implement into you exercise plan. A personal trainer will look at your posture...

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Gyms are often intimidating places. Whether you're a first timer or a regular gym goer, we all generally only notice the people with big muscles and delightfully toned bodies. We never really notice the normal gym goers, the people with the normal bodies. So, guess what, watching very fit and very muscly people train in a gym is rarely a motivator, in fact it can be a huge demotivator, especially for people who are just starting out. It can and often does increase the pressure to "do well" leading us to push ourselves too much. In the worst cases, trying...

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Muscle aim = Abdominal This is one of the best abdominal workout to do at home to get a wash board. 1.Start by pulling your in belly button and lifting your torso. 2.Aim to bring your shoulders up to your knees to complete one reputation, 3.To make harder try and get your fingers to reach your toes.

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  There is no need to use a gym, when everything is just outside your door ! Many people who look join a gym to lose weight , why? If you are targeting weight loss what machines would you use in the gym? Cycling machines, tred mills most of the machines are built around our body natural techniques. Sports that we already use ,for example running is the best outdoor activity we can do! Not only do we work our leg muscles, we work our whole body during running. Our legs ,abs and upper body muscles all work together to get...

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Shoulders/ deltoids

stand up straight with your chest out, knees slightly bent and nice neutral spine

place both hands behind your back

Grad your right wrist with your left hand

pull the right arm towards your left side until you feel tension.

Hold for 5 secs pre exercise or 10 secs post exercise.

change arms and repeat with opposite side

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