essential equipment you need for metcon training to 10


Are you interested in MetCon and are wondering about the essential equipment you need for MetCon training to 10? Well, we have you covered!

Understanding MetCon and what the experts say

If you already know (and happen to be a fan of) high-intensity interval training (HIIT), it could be the time to kick your workout up a notch. But wait, how do you make an already intense exercise plan even more intense? The answer: with Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon). It is a broad category of exercise that features HIIT workouts.

While HIIT works are all about giving above 80% effort for brief bursts of the time with specific rest intervals, MetCon training is often performed at maximum sustained effort for extended periods, which could last for more than 20 minutes.

The result of such training is an efficient fat-burning and muscle-building workout that will leave you breathless but will make your body look great.

For many fitness trainers out there, they like MetCon because it’s like a physical and metal test. Furthermore, due to MetCon being done for the maximum amount of reps or rounds, it adds an element of fun because you’re racing against the clock.

Equipment required for MetCon Training

While MetCon workouts can be performed with bodyweight-only exercises (if you’re a beginner), you should consider adding weights to the training regimen. Even if it’s a medicine ball, you should consider adding it.

This is because MetCon is effective when resistance is introduced with moves like medicine ball throws and dumbbell thrusters to make certain you push your cardiovascular endurance and strength training in one quick, intense workout.

CrossFit has some recommendations if you're interested in MetCon training to 10 and getting the most out of your training. You should have:

Olympic Barbell and Weight Plates

Weight Bench

Medicine Ball or Slam Ball

Gymnastic Rings


A Rope Climbing Kit

Squat Box


Pull Up Bar


How to Build Your Own MetCon Plan

You can build your very own and unique MetCon exercise that suits your body and which can be easily integrated into your current workout routine.

Here's what to consider when building your MetCon plan!

Step One - Decide how long your workout will be. MetCons are meant to be intense, so don’t overdo it. Keeping your MetCon regimen to a max of 20 minutes is recommended.

Step Two - For a well-rounded routine, it’s recommended that you include one total-body exercise, one upper-body, one lower-body, and one cardio or core exercise. You should be aiming at the big muscle groups and going for explosive movements to increase endurance and strength. During a MetCon, you should opt for deadlifts, thrusters, push-ups, weighted squats, and pull-ups.

Step Three – You should select an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible/As Many Rounds As Possible) structure. This means you can perform as many rounds of press-ups, push-ups, weighted lunges, etc., in 15 to 20 minutes. Over time, you will be able to see progress depending on how many rounds you're able to do and if you beat your previous day's score.

Step Four – Stay focused! Being determined is the key when tackling a MetCon regimen, especially if you’re aiming to train to the full extent. Your body will likely be exhausted after your first or second MetCon workout. But keep going at it. Remain focused and think about how awesome you will feel and look when you have achieved your fitness goals.

Step Five – While staying motivated is essential, you also need to listen to your body. Do not be stubborn and push your body so hard that you injure yourself. Depending on what you need, taking it a bit light for a day or two is far better than overdoing it, getting injured, and being unable to workout for weeks.

Wrapping It Up

MetCon training to 10 levels is no joke. So, make sure you’re ready to go through such an exercise routine. It's always best to consult a fitness trainer before going on such a fitness journey. Due to level 10 MetCon training involving you lifting weights, make sure you have the correct form to prevent injury.

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