Fuel your body right! Eat Before and After a Workout

Fuel your body right! Eat Before and After a Workout - Fitness Health

 Fuel your body right! Eat Before and After a Workout

Many of us always have this unanswered question in our mind that what should we eat before and after a workout. We want to know about the kinds of food that can help in burning calories or the ones that will help us bulk up.

Due to not having an answer, a lot of people refuse to eat properly. Some of them don’t eat before or after a workout. Your body needs energy to exercise. And not eating properly will have negative effects on your mental and physical being.

Experts suggest that there some foods that you can eat before and after a workout to help with your body’s fat burning process.

Gym trainers and health experts know that if you are not eating anything before or after a workout you may cause muscle loss as well slow down metabolism.

Eating the correct kind of food before and after your workout can make you feel energised. It will also help your metabolism to work faster and burn more calories.

Here is what you should eat before and after a workout:

Before workout

Food that can be eaten before exercising should be a mixture of carbohydrate and protein which will make you feel light and energised during the workout period. You should eat at least an hour before working out.

  1. You can take ¼ cup of walnuts and apple before starting your exercise.


  1. Whole wheat toast with banana and cinnamon over it can be taken before starting a workout. Bananas can increase your level of potassium and also can help in burning calories throughout the workout. It will also make you feel energized. Cinnamon powder will help in balancing your sugar level. It is also very beneficial for lowering blood pressure and cardiac diseases.


  1. Greek yogurt can be taken before working out. You can add some fruits and nuts of your choice to make it more delicious.


  1. Smoothies are the best to take before a workout. You can blend your favourite fruits in Greek yogurt with some milk.


  1. Oatmeal and fresh fruits are the best food items that you can eat before hitting the gym. It will help you in releasing sugar from your body throughout the workout regime without feeling low.


  1. It is imperative for you to drink plenty of water before working out to keep yourself hydrated. Drink a glass of water at least an hour before working out. Continue to take sips during your workout too.


  1. Planning for a long run in the morning? You should eat some brown bread with hard boiled eggs over it. You can sprinkle some black pepper to make it more delicious.

After workout

It is very important to know that you must eat after completing your workout session. Eating protein can help in recovering your muscles. The first thing you should do after a workout is to rehydrate yourself as soon as possible.

Here are some of the food items or snacks you can eat after working out.

  1. We all love to eat chocolate. You can eat a small chocolate milk bar after your workout.


  1. You can also have a simple sandwich made from tuna fish and spinach after a workout.


  1. Salads are the best option to eat after sweating it out at a gym.


  1. Roasted chickpeas are also great. They have high vitamin content that can help your body feel energised.


  1. Peanut butter sandwiches can also be the right choice after a workout.


  1. A veggie omelet is another option you can go for.


  1. You can also eat a small portion of grilled or steamed chicken.


  1. Smoothies can also provide you with energy after a tiring exercise session. Cottage cheese smoothies or green smoothies are the best after a long run.


  1. Fresh fruits without adding sugar are another great option.


Make sure you eat before and after a workout to help your body remain active and speed up recovery.




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