5 Benefits of Resistance Band Training

benefits of resistance band training


When it comes to building muscle, you have several options. You can choose to use hand weights, weight machines or resistance bands to help you get a rock-solid physique. However, if you’re unsure which one is right for you, here are five benefits that make bands a better choice over the other options available:

  • They are inexpensive. When it comes to purchasing strength training equipment, you can spend thousands of dollars quite easily. Even hand weights can come with pretty hefty price tags, but resistance bands are some of the most inexpensive options there are when it comes to purchasing strength training equipment.


  • They don’t take up a lot of space. Most of us can barely fit our furniture into our house, let alone worry about where we’re going to place large, bulky fitness equipment. However, resistance bands can be stored anywhere. You can keep them under the couch, in a drawer or in any other out of the way place.


  • They come in varying difficulty levels. Although the same can be said about hand weights and machines, their weights generally increase by five or ten pounds, which can be too much if you’re only ready for smaller increments. Resistance bands, on the other hand, aren’t as pronounced with their difficulty level changes which makes it easier if you want to go up in levels without going up too much.


  • They travel easily. You certainly cannot pack a strength machine when you travel and you may be able to fit hand weights in your suitcase but you’re likely going to be over the airline's weight limits before you’ve even packed your clothes. Bands are extremely lightweight which makes them a great piece of equipment for the frequent traveler who cares about his or her fitness while on the road.


  • They are multifunctional. Most strength training machines can only work one or two muscle groups and the same can be said for hand weights. However, resistance bands can be used in hundreds of different ways making them great whether you want an upper, lower or full-body workout.

If one or all of these benefits interest you, then be sure to pick up some resistance bands today. Your muscles, wallet, and space will thank you! 

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